Iogen Fueled Final ALMS Race

Joanna Schroeder

Iogen Energy fueled the final race of the American Le Mans Series this weekend. All of the teams that had signed up to use ethanol blends, competed with cellulosic ethanol in their tanks. Iogen provided 6500 gallons of cellulosic ethanol produced from wheat straw for the season finale, and also provided 7800 gallons of fuel for Drayson Racing’s “Lola-Judd,” which competed using the cellulosic ethanol blend during the entire 2010 season.

The last race was held in Braselton, Georgia September 29-October 2, and 12 of the top 13 GT2 finishers, including the class winner and all the competing factory cars, were fueled with the cellulosic ethanol blend.

“We are pleased that lead motorsport teams are looking to cellulosic ethanol to demonstrate their commitment to developing advanced biofuels for their vehicles,” says Duncan Macleod, CEO of Iogen Energy. “The only place these drivers can source their fuel is here at Iogen, and we are thrilled to be able to oblige them. It is further proof that Iogen can deliver these quantities of cellulosic ethanol on demand.”

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