OriginOil Launches Service to Help Algae Oil Industry

John Davis

California-based OriginOil, Inc. has launched a new service that lends the company’s expertise to other potential algae oil producers.

The company announced its professional “expert services” at the recent National Algae Association meeting in Houston, Texas:

“For the past three years, hundreds of large companies, entrepreneurs, development agencies and investors have asked for our help in launching their algae programs,” said OriginOil CEO, Riggs Eckelberry. “With our own products now hitting the market, our veterans in production, processing and commercialization can help this global industry achieve its very real potential to overtake petroleum.”

“Analyzing it ahead of time so you can make informed judgments as to what direction you’re going to go to… that makes a lot more sense than doing it by experimentation,” said Paul Hoar, President of AgriFuels LLC. “We and our customers are just getting into the algae business right now; I would certainly consider OriginOil for bringing its services to the table.”

“There’s a recognition by OriginOil that there are certain products and services that the algae industry needs,” commented Doug DiLillo, a marketer of industrial bio technology at Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL). “To take the cumulative knowledge that the company and its members have, and then to use that knowledge to help guide those in the industry that have projects, is a very worthwhile way to position the company.”

OriginOil has several new executives hired to handle the new business. The company will be offering several services, from initial feasibility studies, through full launch planning, to commercialization help for existing algae players.

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