Green Star to Build Algae-to-Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

Utah-based Green Star Products, Inc. has announced it will build an algae-to-biodiesel refinery on the west coast.

This company press release says Green Star has already started building the 13 modules to process the algae oil into biodiesel:

The algae to biodiesel plant will be rated initially at two million gallons per year with all necessary provisions incorporated so that the plant can easily be expanded to larger capacities in the future. The algae bioreactor system associated with this biodiesel plant is still under negotiation. Green Star will also participate in the engineering, fabrication and construction of the algae facility.

Since this algae-to-biodiesel facility will be one of the largest of its kind ever built, it will not only be designed as a commercial facility but also serve as a giant research facility. Many other organizations will be involved, including universities and international research companies.

Mr. Joseph LaStella, President of Green Star, stated: “There are many technologies that will be incorporated into the facility including the MMB formula for algae growth, which has been verified by industry professionals in the past two years to increase algae growth 200% and more over a six day growth cycle. This algae growth booster formula has been successful in many types of algae strains including saltwater and freshwater species.”

More information is on Green Star’s website.

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