Students Learn FFV Conversion Process

Students at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) are studying the flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) conversion process. As first reported on, by using FlexFuel U.S.’s system, the students are excited to learn how to lessen dependence on foreign oil imports.

“It’s pretty interesting and it’s easy to install too and it’s not really that hard. The hardest thing is the wiring and even then it’s not that hard,” said student Heath Tulp/

The students at NIACC are putting in a supplemental fuel injection system to a vehicle adding fuel as needed so the car can run smoothly on both gas and E85.

Mitch Sremac who invented the system said he created it “To make it easy enough to install by most technicians and be able to keep the car running and meet emission standards.”

NIACC is the first school to study the new conversion system.

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