2010 Fuel Scorecard Released

Joanna Schroeder

The Truman National Security Project has released its 2010 Fuel Scorecard and ethanol scores near the top of the list as viable fuel options for the future. Based on several factors that affect America’s security including instability of supplier country, opposition to American values, climate disruption, possibility of threat to supply chain, and cost spike volatility, ethanol scores as the second best fuel for our future.

The authors of the report write, “Across each of our national security metrics, oil ranks in a league of its own. It is high time American consumers and policymakers recalculate their routines, and begin to move America towards an energy posture that does not undermine our nation’s security. Ethanol—particularly second generation ethanol – electricity, and natural gas can all play roles in a more secure America.”

The Truman Project focuses, in part, on bringing attention to the security and climate problems that come from a dependence on fossil fuels – especially those purchased from countries that do not hold the same values as Americans. They note in the report that America purchases 50 percent of its oil from OPEC, who controls 70 percent of the world’s global oil reserves and 40 percent of daily oil supplies. Last week, OPEC celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The report notes that America’s energy supply is a weakness and a prime target for attack – an issue which has been known by oil countries for many years. At one time, Osama bin Laden was quoted as saying, “We bled [Russia] to the point of bankruptcy. So if we were able to do it to the Russians, we can now do it to the Americans, and the best way to do it is to go after their Achilles heel and attack oil.”

The report concludes that American power in the world would be severely compromised by sharp cuts to its fuel supply at home. “Therefore, smart decisions about fuel sources need to be made now to ensure the safest, strongest America over the long term. Our current reliance on oil—the worst performer in this report—is leaving our country more vulnerable to shock while shoring up the capacity of regimes intent on endangering America’s interests, values, and leadership in the world.”

While the report acknowledges that no current fuel source is perfect, we must “devote our national resources to power sources that will sustain America’s strength while causing the least harm.”

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