Mother Earth News Sponsors Alt Energy Fair

John Davis

Green living guide Mother Earth News wants to give average consumers some of the tools they need to get the most out renewable energy. That’s why publication is offering the Mother Earth News Fair, Sept. 25-26 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort near Pittsburgh.

Organizers promise more than 15 hands-on demonstrations ranging from beginner’s information for passive solar systems to building your own electric car!

Scheduled renewable energy-related speakers and topics include:

* Dan Chiras – introduction to solar electricity; passive solar electricity; passive solar heating; experts’ panel
* James Dunn – personal experience with a geodesic dome solar greenhouse
* Richard Freudenberger – small-scale alcohol fuel; basic passive solar design; experts’ panel
* John Ivanko – powering your home with renewable energy
* Angus Macdonald – DIY construction of solar and energy-efficient homes and garden structures
* Ben Nelson – building your own electric car, cheap
* Greg Pahl – community-supported energy; experts’ panel
* Darree Sicher – alternative fuel uses for sewage sludge
* Michael R. Wurzbacher – masonry heaters, stoves and ovens
* Brad Yocum – why now is the time to go solar

There will be more than 200 sessions in all. For more information and tickets, check out the Mother Earth News Fair website.

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