Charles Bronson “It’s Going to Work”

Joanna Schroeder

“I think people are going to catch on. That this thing is real and it going to work,” said Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles A. Bronson during an interview about Farm to Fuel. One of Bronson’s long-term goals has been to turn Florida into an alternative energy leader in areas such as biofuels.

This year marked the fifth year of the Farm to Fuel Summit, where academia, growers, investors, distributors and everyone in between came together for three days in Orlando, Florida “cut deals” that will grow the states biofuels industry.

“From the beginning we decided we wanted to include all potential sides of the alternative fuels business,” said Bronson. “Every single meeting we’ve had, a deal has been put into place. Every year we’ve had at least one big deal to come out of these meetings.”

Bronson believes that interest in biofuels has grown, in part, because people have become more informed. He also believes that the alternative energy revolution is going to happen. He stressed that new technologies will be more efficient and said, “We’re going to be growing crops that will be 8-10 times more efficient than corn ethanol production.”

While Bronson is in all the way for biofuels, he is not in for the reason that many may suspect. “I’ve never been a global warming theorist but I do believe in weather patterns,” said Bronson. “And sooner or later, we’ll run out of oil.”

You can listen to Bronson’s interview here with special thanks to Southeast AgNET. Bronson Discusses Success of Farm to Fuel

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