Advanced Biofuel Payments to Foreign Owners, Non-Rural Plants

John Davis

It might be green and renewable, but it won’t necessarily be DOMESTIC fuel. This article from Biofuels Digest says the Obama Administration will allow advanced biofuels plants owned by foreign companies and those plants in non-rural areas Advanced Biofuels Payments:

In Washington, the (USDA’s) Rural Business-Cooperative Service Agency announced that it is amending the rules for the Advanced Biofuel Payment Program. Now, foreign-owned companies and production of biofuels in non-rural areas are eligible for the assistance. The Agency is requesting applications from advanced biofuel producers producing eligible advanced biofuels at non-rural biofuel facilities and at foreign-owned biofuel facilities.

The article goes on to say that USDA will provide advanced supplemental payment will equal 25 percent of the payment that the applicant would have received pursuant to the agency’s March 12, 2010 notice.

I understand the concept of supporting advanced biofuels and even will sign on to letting our city brethren participate in green fuel production. But I think we might be missing the boat a bit on allowing the foreign ownership. Isn’t part of the point to get us off of foreign oil? Replacing oil with foreign-made and/or financed fuel seems to defeat the purpose.

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