Powers Energy of America Looks to Add Solar

Joanna Schroeder

Last year, Powers Energy of America announced that it would build a $254 million waste-to-energy ethanol plant in Schneider, Indiana. According to an article published in the Post-Tribune, the bioethanol plant has received full commitments for funding. In addition to funding this plant, the investors have also now committed to supporting a $75 million solar plant. The solar plant will not be fully completed for five years, but upon completion will produce nearly 100 megawatts of electricity. According to the company, this will be one of the largest solar facilities in the country.

According to company President, Earl Powers, the solar plant could be operational by early next year. However, it will take some time yet for the bioethanol plant to break ground since it has yet to receive the appropriate environmental approvals. Regardless, Power notes that the two projects will provide much needed employment opportunities for the community.

Ethanol, Solar, Waste-to-Energy