Bobbing In Petroleum

Joanna Schroeder

As the ethanol industry continues to fight for its subsidies before they expire at the end of the year, and the biodiesel industry has been fighting to survive without the $1 tax credit, the U.S. Senate did not even hesitate to preserve the oil industry’s subsidies. In addition, the Senate has yet to pass any comprehensive energy policy that would ensure our country achieves energy independence goals and reduces its greenhouse gas emissions.

In response to these issues as well as in frustration over the fact the U.S. Senate has not passed any climate change or oil spill response legislation, Oil Change International, a non-profit organization that specializes in campaign to expose the true cost of fossil fuels, has launched a new campaign to “Clean Up the Senate“.  The new campaign details 46 U.S. Republican and Democratic Senators who are “aligned” with the oil industry and portrays them bobbing in a sea of petroleum. You can view information about these senators including political campaign contributions and voting history on key legislation.

“We hope Americans are motivated to clean up the gusher of oil money that is currently covering these Senators,” said Steve Kretzmann, Oil Change Executive Director. “This campaign exposes these Senators and lets people send them a message that it’s time they clean up their act. It’s time for a Separation of Oil and State.”

In addition to the Clean Up the Senate Campaign and its corresponding website, last week Oil Change International also launched an additional website called DirtyEnergyMoney. This site was developed to support the organization’s campaign to end oil and coal company campaign contributions. The site is supported by more than a dozen organizations including Greenpeace, Public Citizen, MoveOn, and True Majority.

“The United States is paying a heavy price for its dangerous dependence on fossil fuels,” said John Sellers, a Director of Oil Change International.  “The Gulf Coast disaster is but the latest wake-up call. It’s time the Senate moved us forward instead of backwards on energy, to a clean, renewable future that boosts jobs, protects the planet and secures America.”

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