New York Officially Passes Bioheat Legislation

Joanna Schroeder

In a follow-up to a story written last week, New York has officially passed air quality legislation that includes a provision to ensure that only Bioheat, a blend of heating oil and biodiesel, is used with the city. The unanimous vote, 45-0, ensures that starting October 2012, all home heating and oil will contain at least 2 percent biodiesel.

The National Biodiesel Board applauded the passage of the new legislation and Shelby Neal, the organization’s state regulatory director issued the following statement.

“New York City has our heartfelt congratulations on once again demonstrating that the city is a leader in renewable energy. Already the largest municipal user of biodiesel in transportation applications, the city has now taken a progressive step towards cleaner emissions from heating the homes and buildings there.

“The biodiesel is likely to be made from many sustainable, renewable resources, including recycled cooking oil. In a city with more than 8 million people and 20 thousand restaurants within its limits, this Bioheat requirement is a golden opportunity to recycle the city’s used cooking oil into cleaner burning fuel. New York City uses more than 1 billion gallons of heating oil a year, so 2 percent biodiesel represents a 20 million gallon market for biodiesel.

“This move to Bioheat will also support green jobs and domestic energy security, and we hope New York City’s progressive actions will encourage other cities serious about greening efforts to follow suit.”

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