Northeast Biodiesel Breaks Ground in Greenfield, Mass

Joanna Schroeder

Although the biodiesel industry has struggled for the past few months, in areas with state mandates the biodiesel industry is thriving. Today, Northeast Biodiesel LLC, in partnership with Co-op Power, broke ground on a 3.5 million gallon biodiesel plant to be located in Greenfield, Mass. that is expected to be operational in January 2011. The plant will use various feedstocks to produce biodiesel and home heating oil including recycled vegetable oil and other raw materials.

Once completed, the $2.5 million dollar facility, supported by more than 20 investors, will employ 13 full-time staff as well as support a myriad of indirect jobs including those contracted to pick up the recycled oil from local businesses.

According to the company’s website, their biodiesel will have a lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reduction of 80 percent as compared to diesel and gasoline emissions.

In an article in Biodiesel Magazine, Lynn Benander, chief executive officer of Co-op Power and board chairwoman for Northeast Biodiesel LLC, said of the project, “I know we’re going against the grain right now given the state of the industry without the producer tax credit. Northeast Biodiesel is a community-owned recycled oil biodiesel plant that will bring significant benefits back to our community – environmental, economic and social.”