Largest US FFV Fleet Now Has 85 Percent Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

The biggest fleet of flexible fuel vehicles in the United States now has access to 85 percent ethanol fuel.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Protec Fuel joined representatives of the Norfolk Naval Base and Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) in Norfolk, Virginia to cut the ribbon and open the new E85 pump. In addition to providing fuel for the Navy Fleet and city fleets, the station is open to the general public.

Norfolk is home to the largest fleet of vehicles using alternative fuels in United States. As the largest Naval complex in the world, the Norfolk Naval base has 2,585 flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) in their fleet. “When the largest fleet in the state of Virginia is fueling their vehicles with alternative fuels like ethanol, it shows the strong desire to rely more on domestic made fuel and less on foreign oil,” said RFA Director of Market Development, Robert White. “With the Navy taking this lead, we only hope that it will promote the use of America’s fuel throughout the rest of the U.S.”

Todd Garner, Managing Partner of Protec Fuel said they are proud to be partnered with NEXCOM and The US Navy by building and opening this new E85 station. “The Norfolk Naval E85 station, serving the largest Naval base in the world, will effectively serve the general public and the large flex-fuel fleet vehicles simultaneously,” said Garner. “Economic and environmental benefits aside, this station and E85 will help get our troops home and strengthen our national security through domestically produced fuels.”

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