Enroll in Alcohol School Today

Joanna Schroeder

The 30th annual Alcohol School is around the corner on September 12-17 in Montreal, QC, Canada. Sponsored by Lallemand Ethanol Technology, this program is designed for both lab and plant management personnel from the biofuels industry as well as those working in beverage alcohol and allied industries who are interested in learning more information about technology and advancements in future ethanol and distilled beverage production. Everything discussed during this program will ultimately help plants positively improve their bottom line.

Students of the Alcohol School will have the opportunity to attend classes focused on either fuel of distilled beverage courses as well as receive hands-on lab training conducted by industry scientists, academics and Ethanol Technology Institute experts.

Space is limited and early bird registration ends on August 16th. Attendees can learn more details and register online here.

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