More E85 for Florida

Cindy Zimmerman

Motorists driving Flex Fuel Vehicles along Florida’s Treasure Coast now have two more places to fill up with E85 ethanol fuel.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Protec Fuel have announced the availability of E85 at Twin Oil Sunoco retail stations in Ft. Pierce and Port St. Lucie.

The Twin Oil fueling stations, each branded as Sunoco, are offering E85 at 2501 Orange Avenue in Ft. Pierce and at 2681 SW Fondura Street (Gatlin Blvd) in Port St. Lucie. The Ft. Pierce E85 site will have 1 E85 dispenser with 2 nozzles, both located under the canopy. Twin Oil will also aim to serve the Florida Department of Transportation hub near this station and the many tourists in the area. The Port St. Lucie E85 station will offer E85 at 2 dispensers (Gilbarco), both under the canopy. This station is located on a busy street offering access to I-95, FL Turnpike and will also support fleets and tourists in addition to the local FFV population. Twin Oil utilized Protec Fuel’s turnkey E85 fuel program for both stations, which included the conversion process to an E85 fueling pump, E85 supply and promotional marketing.

To help locate the two stations, the RFA has developed a fuel locator application for Garmin and TomTom GPS devices, as well as the E85 Fuel Finder iPhone app.

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