Solar Power for Cell Phones

Joanna Schroeder

Looking for a new way to charge your cell phone? Then look no further than the sun. Solio has released an improved universal Solar Charger for all electronic devices, including your phone, that stores power for up to one year and never overcharges. This device sounds perfect for places that are lacking outlets, like airports, airplanes and restaurants three of the places your phone battery loves to die.

So how does it work? You charge it up for free with a little help from the sun, and then when you need power for your MP3 player, GPS or phone, you simply plug the solar charger into your electronic equipment using one of the multiple “tips” that you switch out. The charger is compatible with over 3,200 devices and stores in its own sleek case.

For those of you who live in the Iowa where it never seems to stop raining this year, no worries. The solar charger has a back-up plan. It can be charged a USB port or wall charger, both included. The price for this nifty gadget is around $99.

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