Ethanol’s Economic Impact in Indiana

Joanna Schroeder

Yesterday, Indianapolis Colt tight-end Dallas Clark joined Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy and Gen. Wesley Clark, Co-Chairman of Growth Energy to tout the local economic benefits of Indiana’s ethanol industry. The presentation was given during the Indiana Ethanol Forum, an event that focused on the economic impact and importance of ethanol to the state as well as to the U.S. As part of their remarks, the group stressed the need for federal lawmakers to include support for domestic ethanol in any Congressional debate over clean energy and job creation.

“During this Independence Day recess, we are urging Congress to bring an energy bill to the floor that promotes America’s fuel,” said Tom Buis. “In these tight economic times when we are sending billions of dollars overseas to fund the economies of foreign countries, we need legislation that will keep that money right here in America. Domestic ethanol is the only commercially viable, renewable fuel that creates American jobs while cleaning our air and strengthening our economy and national security. Now, more than ever, ethanol must be at the heart of this debate in Congress.”

Clark continued by stating, “What we’re seeing in places like Indiana and elsewhere around the country is that people want to have a choice at the pump – and they want domestic ethanol to be one of those choices. The more domestic ethanol we produce, the less foreign oil we need. And every gallon of domestic ethanol creates U.S. jobs, cleans the air and strengthens our national security. Today we’re asking Congress to hear the people of Indiana and include provisions to level the playing field for domestic ethanol in the July energy debate.”

Prior to breaking for the July 4th holiday, Congressional leaders indicated they would take up legislation for energy and green jobs upon their return. Growth Energy believes there are several specific measures that should be included in the legislation that will build out infrastructure for biofuels including a flex-fuel vehicle mandate and federal support for the installation of blender pumps. Both of these initiatives would empower consumers with choices at the pump.

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