UK Trains to Use Biodiesel Additive

John Davis

Just yesterday, I told you how International Fuel Technology had just recently finished testing on a couple of its fuel additives that make biodiesel run better with more miles per gallon.

Now, the St. Louis-based company has announced that East Midlands Trains in the United Kingdom, which were the test trains for DiesoLiFT 10 in its light rail, diesel multiple unit (DMU) operations, will continue to use the additive and could save about 92,000 gallons of diesel fuel a year:

“The fuel economy improvement realized by East Midlands Trains in the recently completed in-service field demonstration is consistent with fuel economy improvements we have achieved in numerous other in-service and test bed rail engine demonstrations,” said Gary Kirk, IFT’s Director and Sales and Marketing. “Use of DiesoLiFT 10 will reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. We are excited to work with a company committed to cost effective green technologies.”

Matt Browne, East Midlands Trains’ Environmental Manager, said, “We are extremely pleased to be the first train operator taking part in this in-service field demonstration with IFT. The results are already demonstrating that by using the fuel additive, DiesoLiFT 10, we are improving our fuel efficiency and cutting our carbon emissions. Trains are already one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport, and use of DiesoLiFT 10 is helping us make our trains even greener.”

Trains in the UK use around 317 million gallons of diesel a year. DiesoLiFT 10 could save 16 million gallons of fuel annually.

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