IFT’s Biodiesel Booster Just in Time for Higher Blends

John Davis

A St. Louis-based company has recently finished testing of a product that not only will boost the performance of biodiesel … just in time as more people look at using higher blends of the green fuel … but some it is being made from renewable feedstocks.

International Fuel Technology’s Director of Science and Technology, Sergio Trindade, explains IFT’s DiesoLiFT 10, designed to reduce harmful emissions and maintenance costs when mixed with diesel fuel and biodiesel fuel blends, and DiesoLiFT BD-3, formulated to give biodiesel superior oxidation stability and deposit control benefits, optimizes the compression combustion that takes place in the engine.

“Which means the surface exposed to combustion is much larger than the ordinary injection system without our additive.”

He goes on to explain that this optimization becomes more important as the industry moves to higher blends of biodiesel, such as B20.

“When you get to those higher biodiesel concentrations, you lose some of the mileage. The use of our product helps makeup for that loss in mileage.”

If you’re wondering if you would be replacing the cost of the biodiesel with the cost of IFT’s additives, Trindade says while the additives produce a 4.5 percent increase in mileage, you’ll spend only that first 1 percent to use the additive. That means it still returns about four-to-one on the investment.

Trindade adds they are making a portion of IFT’s DiesoLiFT 10 and DiesoLiFT BD-3 from some of the same renewable feedstocks used for biodiesel and hopes to increase those feedstocks in the future.

You can hear more of my conversation with Sergio Trindade in the player below.
Sergio Trindade, IFT interview

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