New Ethanol Fact Book is Out

Cindy Zimmerman

The sixth edition of the Ethanol Fact Book highlights benefits of the U.S. ethanol program, underscoring 30 years of bipartisan support in Congress.

ethanol-across-americaPublished by the Clean Fuels Development Coalition and distributed through the Ethanol Across America campaign, the latest edition of the Ethanol Fact Book outlines how producing fuel ethanol in the United States generates jobs and wealth by processing domestic resources into clean burning transportation fuels.

The publication addresses issues regarding the ethanol tax incentive, energy security and oil import reductions, economic impacts and benefits to the U.S. Treasury, greenhouse gas reduction and environmental benefits, and advancements in cellulose conversion technologies. In addition, developments in flexible fuel vehicle production and high level blends are addressed.

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) Co-Chair of the Ethanol Across America campaign said, “As Congress continues its work on an energy bill it is essential that it will continue to support and enhance our nation’s use of renewable fuels. Ethanol supports our efforts to create jobs, stimulate the economy, reduce the use of oil, and improve the environment. Through the Ethanol Across America education program, we are getting the facts out and believe when people understand the wide range of benefits ethanol provides they will continue to support it. The Clean Fuels Development Coalition has done a tremendous job in educating the public about this issue through this fact book.”

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