CleanFUEL USA Adds New Retail Propane Dispenser

Joanna Schroeder

CleanFUEL USA has recently announced that it has added a new propane fuel dispensing product to its infrastructure equipment line. The CFT PRO 2100 is less costly than bottle filling dispensing units and offers several unique features including a stainless steel cabinet, improved hydraulics and an electronic dispensing computer. The new dispenser is currently available and will be integrated into the U.S. propane network that CleanFUEL recently received a grant to spearhead.

The project’s goal is to build the nation’s largest propane network that will include 184 liquid propane refueling stations across the country. The network will be completed in two to four years with the first new stations opening this summer in Phoenix, Arizona and Anaheim, California.

“Developing a better infrastructure for the distribution of alternative fuels is an essential part of the country’s ability to reduce its dependence on gasoline,” said U.S. Congressman John Carter (R-TX). “It helps us both offset the demand for foreign oil and meet rigorous environmental legislation by utilizing cleaner burning transportation fuels that are in surplus, such as propane.”

According to proponents of propane, the fuel is best suited for fleet vehicles and globally powers roughly 13 million cars and trucks. Ford and GM have developed propane engine platforms and CleanFUEL USA has developed a liquid propane injection technology (LPI).

“CleanFUEL is in the process of building the nation’s largest Autogas [propane] refueling network,” said Tucker Perkins, COO of CleanFUEL. “Watching the infrastructure for this pipeline unfold is an amazing achievement for this country, as it will drive down the costs and emissions associated with transporting goods and services among our cities. This new network not only reduces the impact the commercial transportation market has on our environment, but it also helps companies reduce their transportation costs, which ultimately improves their bottom line.”

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