Algae Producers to Help Fight Gulf Oil Spill

Got an urgent message from my friend Tamra Fakhoorian with the Mid-South Chapter of the National Algae Association looking for volunteers to help with a cleanup effort some members of the algae-producing community are sponsoring. She says they need 10,000 volunteers to help algae oil and biofuel producers Ultra Green International and Algaeventure Systems use their algae know-how to clean up the millions of gallons of petroleum pouring into the Gulf of Mexico:

The plan is simple: we’re using a highly absorbent matting invented by US scientists in Ohio to mop up the spill, cleaning the Gulf and collecting the oil at the same time. A flotilla of 168 ships manned by local fishermen is poised and ready to patrol the Gulf, literally vacuuming up the 36 million gallons of oil threatening the beaches.

BP has failed to act quickly to solve this crisis and Ultra Green intends to fill the gap. With the help of our science partners Algaeventure Systems, and hundreds of local fishermen who have seen their livelihoods disappear, we are planning to Save the Gulf from the worst ecological disaster in American history.

More details and information on how to volunteer are available at


0 responses to “Algae Producers to Help Fight Gulf Oil Spill”

  1. For goodness sake, isn’t it time to swallow pride and gratefully accept the offers being made by others, who are qualified and available to come and help fix this dreadful situation?

    One would almost think the President either did not care about what is happening, or was too pig headed to see that offers of help – would be beneficial and are needed – otherwise the Requiem for The Gulf should be being practised right now! This will be the world’s largest funeral procession and the longest obituary in living memory. Maybe even one of the shortest Presidency’s in recent history too!

  2. AlgaeVenture Systems a DOE-ARPA funded algae biofuel company reduced the cost of dewatering algae over 99% from 875$ a ton using centrifuges to 1.92 using AlgaeVentures patented HDD technology . AlgaeVenture Systems philosophy utilizes waste energies from collocated facilities including heat, with an additional requirement for suitable water-cooling resources (geothermal, river, or body of water), CO2 waste gas, and nutrient/organic wastes. The targeted industries are power generation, wastewater, livestock, food waste, biomass waste, landfill, and various industrial concerns. The resulting systems will provide resource conservation, improved water and air quality while producing large quantities of biomass for utilization for fuel, feed, food, fertilizer, and other advanced materials or products. This integrated strategy will result in a leap forward for sustainability strategies, which can be implemented by a variety of concerns while lowering the floor to capital & expense viability.