USDA Promises Canola Biodiesel Won’t Be Left Behind

John Davis

The Ag Department is promising that canola-based biodiesel won’t be left behind as provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill are implemented.

Biofuels Digest says that’s music to the ears of some of the folks from northern states, including Congressman Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota, who personally got the assurance from USDA assurance after the EPA failed to complete an evaluation of canola biodiesel:

This commitment was made during a House Agricultural Committee hearing when Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development stated that canola based biodiesel plants, such as the one in Velva, North Dakota, will be allowed to0 participate in the program while the EPA concludes its evaluation.

Congressman Pomeroy noted ” “Canola is the feedstock of choice for 10 percent of the biodiesel plants in the United States. It makes no sense to penalize them simply because the EPA hasn’t done its job and finished this evaluation yet. I’m pleased that USDA has committed to making sure our canola biodiesel producers will be given a fair shake.”

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