New Yeast Product for Ethanol Plants

Cindy Zimmerman

Nearly 400 exhibitors were on the floor of the 2010 Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo this week in St. Louis, many of them introducing new technologies and products for ethanol producers.

FEW 2010One of those was Lallemand Ethanol Technology, a global provider of fermentation ingredients to the fuel ethanol industry, which announced the introduction of Thermosacc® GOLD, a new yeast product for the fuel ethanol industry.

Thermosacc GOLD is a fresh-cake yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae specially selected to better withstand the rigors of fermentation. A crumble yeast that has not been dried, it produces a shorter lag phase. The increased budding rates and vitality of Thermosacc GOLD result in quicker starting fermentations compared to dry yeast.

Designed to utilize sugars more efficiently, Thermosacc GOLD leaves less sugar and glycerol at the end of the fermentation process. This translates into increased yield, while adding dollars to the bottom line.

“Lallemand Ethanol Technology is continually striving for product improvement,” says Bill Nankervis, General Manager. “Thermosacc GOLD is another example of understanding our customers’ needs and delivering on them. Thermosacc GOLD allows plants to achieve incremental steps toward more efficient and profitable operations.”

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