Ethanol Industry Wants to Answer President’s Call

Cindy Zimmerman

In his remarks to the nation Tuesday night about the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, President Obama noted that “oil is a finite resource” and “the need to end America’s century-long addiction to fossil fuels.”

However, while he talked about wind turbines, solar panels and energy efficiency, the president made no mention of domestic transportation fuel alternatives such as ethanol and biodiesel. In an open letter to President Obama, the Renewable Fuels Association has offered to answer his call for a clean energy future.

“There is no other renewable fuel technology that can match the domestic ethanol industry’s ability to replace oil in American gas tanks,” reads the letter. “Wind, solar, and other renewable energies all must play a critical role. But theirs is to replace those fossil fuels from which we generate power and electricity. America uses precious little oil to generate electricity. Rather, oil is primarily used to create liquid transportation fuels. As such, America’s producers of renewable fuel are uniquely equipped to reduce and ultimately eliminate America’s need for oil in the tank.”

RFA asks the president to give ethanol the ability to answer the call by urging Congress to extend the tax incentives for ethanol, having EPA increase the amount of ethanol allowed in a gallon of gasoline to 15 percent, and expand the infrastructure needed to use higher ethanol blends.

“Throughout its brief history, American ethanol production has always risen to answer the call. Together with American farmers who provide the feedstocks from which we make ethanol, we stand at the ready yet again,” the RFA letter concludes. “Mr. President, when the phone rings American farmers and ethanol producers will be there to answer.”

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