Verizon Fitting Ford Vans with CNG

John Davis

Communications giant Verizon is adding about 500 Ford cargo vans that will burn compressed natural gas (CNG).

This Ford press release
calls the work on the E-250 cargo vans an upfit that will help Verizon reduce its energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions:

“Verizon’s fleet team is constantly on the watch for new, lower-carbon technology,” [Ken McKenney, Sustainable Fleet-Technical Engineering Lead for Verizon] said. “CNG is a leading alternative fuel choice right now, so converting these cargo vans to run on the cleaner-burning fuel helps us cut CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. We will continue to find ways to increase the efficiency of our fleet.”

Cargo vans represent the single largest group of vehicles in Verizon’s vehicle fleet. They are primarily used by technicians who install and maintain phones and FiOS TV and Internet services for homes and businesses. The CNG-equipped Ford E-250 vans will be used in key Verizon markets throughout the country that have retail infrastructures in place for fueling.

The vehicles are being converted to CNG by BAF, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

Officials say that this is a move more company fleets could emulate.

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