E85 Compatible Hose Approved

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth Energy and Veyance Technologies, a manufacturer of liquid fuel dispenser hoses, announced today certification has been issued on the final component for an E85 and blender pump dispenser by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Approval has been given to the Veyance Flexsteel® Futura liquid fuel dispenser hose for use with mid- and high-level blends of ethanol.

An October 2006 decision by UL rescinded previous certification for the hose and entire E85 dispenser. Late last year, financial assistance was provided by Growth Energy to Veyance to accelerate submission of the hose testing. This announcement concludes the final series of UL testing for the “hanging hardware” which is attached to the basic fuel dispenser.

“We have been pleased to work with Veyance on this project in order to facilitate the testing and certification of the hose needed to dispense mid- and high-level blends of ethanol in blender pumps,” said Growth Energy CEO, Tom Buis. “Veyance’s certification on their liquid fuel hose represents a significant step in acquiring the complete certification of a mid- and high-level blend dispenser.”

“Veyance is pleased to offer our customers a dispensing hose that is certified for all level blends of ethanol,” stated Keith Collett, industrial hose marketing manager for Veyance. “Within the next few weeks we’ll start production of the Futura Ethan-ALL hoses and are excited about the potential of mid- and high-level ethanol blends. We appreciate Growth Energy’s support, which was instrumental in advancing the timeline for certifying our hose.”

Certification of a complete E85 and blender pump by UL is expected soon.

E85, Growth Energy