New Central Florida E85 Station

Cindy Zimmerman

Motorists in Central Florida with Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) can now fill up with 85 percent ethanol in Lakeland.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Protec Fuel have announced the availability of E85 for both the general public and government fleets at the Fleetwing retail station in Lakeland, which is near Tampa and St. Petersburg.

The station utilized Protec Fuel’s turnkey E85 fuel program which included the conversion process to an E85 fueling pump, E85 supply and promotional marketing. Protec’s fuel supply and marketing program for Fleetwing is built around a strong strategic partnership with the Renewable Fuels Association, General Motors, Testing LLC and many other reputable companies. Fleetwing also supplies a private fleet E85 fueling station in Lakeland.

RFA Market Development Director, Robert White says efforts to install more of these types of fueling stations are underway with a goal to at least triple the availability of these blends within the next few years. “Florida alone has added several new E85 fueling stations installed within the past two months,” he said.

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