Working for Green Spotlights Green Jobs

Joanna Schroeder

One of the benefits of America’s move to energy security and its quest to curb climate change are the opportunities for people to work in the burgeoning green industry. Today, Working for Green, a new online community dedicated to helping Americans secure green jobs, has launched a new video-based resource that spotlights individuals who are improving their lives through green innovation and jobs. Some of the people who are featured are working in the solar and wind industries, one person is converting cow manure to renewable energy, and another is collecting hair and fur to be used to help with the oil spill clean up efforts.

This 40+ video series has been in production for nearly a year as crews spent time with “everyday” Americans in 40 states (they plan to visit all 50 states by the end of this year) who have found unique ways to save money and find meaningful work during the country’s economic recession. During the next phase of the project, the Working for Green crew will be spending time on college campuses who are engaged in green programs and partnering with companies who are looking for large numbers of green employees.

“Our journey is taking us to amazing communities where we’re meeting people filled with determination and hope who reinforce what we’re all about – people helping people,” says Susan Neisloss, founder and host of Working For Green. “Their success provides a road map for the future and highlights the need for quality and passion in all of our pursuits and not waiting for government or corporations to take the first step. What better way than being inspired by people of all ages and backgrounds who are motivating one another during this very tough economic time.”

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