Making Distillers Grains More Valuable

Cindy Zimmerman

Alltech AllzymeSSFIncreasing the value of the ethanol by-product distillers dried grains (DDGs) was a topic at last week’s Alltech International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium.

Alltech has a product called Allzyme® SSF that can maximize nutrient release in DDGs to make it more nutritious. According to the comany, “the complex works synergistically to break down the different substrates. As a result, more nutrients are available to the animal, thus improving growth and economic efficiency. The multiple activities in Allzyme SSF allows for a more flexible approach to feed formulation through the inclusion of by-products or by reducing nutrient constraints in the diet, particularly energy, calcium and available phosphorus.”

Brian Hoskins, Alltech’s SSF Development Coordinator, explains more in this interview with Domestic Fuel’s Chuck Zimmerman.

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