NY’s Cabrini Terrace Goes Green With Biodiesel

Joanna Schroeder

There are still victories for biodiesel despite the delay in passing the tax incentive. This week, Cabrini Terrace, a 217 unit co-op located in Manhattan, NY is getting a little greener with its switch from traditional heating oil to METRO’s Greenheat. Greenheat is a blend of heating oil and biodiesel, with the biodiesel, in part, made from recycled restaurant grease.

“METRO is very proud to add Cabrini Terrace to our growing list of customers who are switching from traditional heating oil to a biodiesel blend,” said Gene V. Pullo, President of METRO. “Cabrini Terrace should be commended for taking the initiative to help improve the air quality in its community and do its part to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.”

The greener heating oil blend uses B2 and in this situation will reduce CO2 emissions by 53,769 pound each year. In addition, the switch will eliminate 2,400 pounds of sulfur, displace 2,400 gallons of petroleum and reduce sulfur, particulate matter and other air emissions – all this by using 120,000 gallons of Greenheat.

“Switching to METRO’s Greenheat couldn’t have been easier,” said Drew Turner, Chief Superintendent for Cabrini Terrace. “It has actually improved efficiency and requires less maintenance. I can’t think of any reason why every building doesn’t switch to Greenheat today.”

Currently, there are more than 800,000 buildings in New York using a cleaner blend of heating oil.

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