RFA President Tweets Global Ethanol Meeting

Cindy Zimmerman

RFA DinneenRenewable Fuels Association (RFA) president and CEO Bob Dinneen has been keeping his Twitter followers up to speed on the activities at the World Biofuels conference in Seville, Spain this week. Industry leaders from all over the world are meeting at the event, where Dinneen did a presentation on American ethanol in the world market.

Here are a few of Bob’s tweets from Spain:

Brazilian contingent did not attend World Biofuels Conf for first time ever. Speculation is that as their production falls, so does interest

At World Biofuels Conf – lots of talk about increased US ethanol exports, including exports of ETBE to Europe. ETBE still used here.

At World Biofuels Conf in Seville, EPA’s Margo Oge says “oil spill in the gulf a reminder of the cost of our dependence on petroleum.”

At Biofuels Conf in Seville, EPA’s Oge notes “uncertainty” with ethanol lifecycle analyses and commits EPA to evaluating new science.

At World Biofuels Conf, panel on Lifecycle Analysis discusses need for consistent metrics and transparancy in LCA. Does EPA meet that goal?!

In his address, Dinneen noted the tremendous increase in efficiency for U.S. ethanol industry over the past decade and that increased ethanol output in Brazil has come primarily by increasing acreage, while increased production in the United States has come through higher corn yields.

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