Poll Shows American Frustration Over Oil

Cindy Zimmerman

As Congress holds hearings on the oil spill, a new study finds most Americans are ready to do what it takes to reduce dependence on oil.

CFAThe Consumer Federation of America (CFA) report shows that, “even before the Gulf oil spill and Congressional hearings, Americans strongly supported reduced oil consumption and tougher fuel economy standards. In a late March survey commissioned by CFA and undertaken by Opinion Research Corp. (ORC), 87% of respondents said it is “important that the country reduce its consumption of oil,” while more than half (54%) said this was very important.”

“Our survey data strongly suggest that the American public is getting very close to the point, if they’re not already there, where they are prepared to support radical measures to break our nation’s dependence on oil and oil imports,” said Jack Gillis, CFA Director of Public Affairs.

However, the report only appears to focus on increasing fuel economy for vehicles as the answer to lowering dependence on oil, specifically that the federal government “should increase its fuel economy standard to 50 miles per gallon by 2025.” Increasing the number of flex-fuel vehicles on the road and availability of ethanol as an alternative fuel were not addressed.