Ask POET Video Series Debuts

Joanna Schroeder

Consumers. We all have questions about ethanol and oftentimes don’t know where to go to find the answers. Now, you have a new resource for information – the monthly video series “Ask POET,” hosted by Nathan Schock. The idea is that for each episode, Nathan will take a question from the public and then identify and interview the most appropriate person within POET to provide the answer.

I had the opportunity to ask POET a question and it became the kick off for the first episode. I asked, “When do you think consumers will be able to go to the gas station and fill up their cars with cellulosic ethanol?” A point of reference, POET is the farthest along in the U.S. on commercially producing cellulosic ethanol from corn stover with their project coined Project Liberty. My question was answered in great detail and with great insight from POET CEO Jeff Broin.

In the next episode, Broin responds to a question from Jim Lane, Editor of Biofuels Digest who asked what the industry can do after E15 to prevent another “blend wall.” Lane also asked Broin to explore how America can change its fleet over to flex fuel vehicles so that higher blends of ethanol can be more widespread and available.

“As the nation’s largest ethanol producer, we need to take an active and visible role in helping the public understand the many issues surrounding ethanol,” Schock, POET’s Director of Public Relations, said. “Although the ethanol industry is still relatively young, POET has been around for more than two decades and is in a great position to answer the many questions that come up regarding the renewable fuel that is being used in most cars today. ‘Ask POET’ will help do that.”

For upcoming episodes, no question is off limits. You can subscribe to POET’s RSS feed and get updates about the program here.

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