Colorado Biodiesel & CO2 Projects Get Federal Grants

John Davis

A pair of projects in Colorado to help develop renewable energy will be getting some federal money.

The Denver Post reports
$9.1 million in U.S. Department of Energy grants are hoped to create jobs and speed innovation:

OPX Biotechnologies Inc. will receive $6 million to engineer microorganisms to use renewable hydrogen and carbon-dioxide inputs for producing a biodiesel-equivalent fuel at low cost. The award said catalysts will be explored to convert microbial fuel into jet fuel.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has been awarded $3.1 million to create very-thin ionic liquid membranes that allow carbon dioxide to pass through at high rates, reducing the size and cost of membranes needed for carbon-dioxide capture.

The projects were part of $106 million handed out by DOE for 37 projects across the country.

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