President: Rebuild Economy Through Renewable Fuels

Chuck Zimmerman

Today President Obama made his first visit to an ethanol plant since taking office. His message focused on achieving the American dream and rebuilding the economy with renewable fuels playing a key role.

Here are some excerpts from his prepared remarks (Word doc). He didn’t stick to it completely but you can listen to his recorded remarks below. I’ve also got a set of photos you can enjoy: President Obama POET Biorefining Photo Album

Ten years ago next month, this plant produced its first gallon of ethanol.  Today, 45 employees produce 46 million gallons a year.  So one of you is overachieving. Congratulations to all of you.

In the two years I spent running for President and visiting towns like these, a lot of folks talked about how the American Dream was getting harder and harder to reach.  Families were having a tough time getting ahead.  Farmers were having a tough time getting by.  And worse, many of our young people grew convinced that their only chance to find opportunity was to seek it someplace else.

But success stories like POET prove that doesn’t have to be the case.  And I believe we can help companies like yours replicate them across the country.

So there shouldn’t be any doubt that renewable, homegrown fuels are a key part of our strategy for a clean energy future – a future of new industries, new jobs in towns like Macon, and new independence.

Here at POET, you do more than just help stake America’s claim on that future.  You stake Macon’s claim on America’s future.  And I’m committed to making sure that communities like this one have a bright future of opportunity to look forward to.  Thank you, everybody.

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