Biodiesel to Fuel Lake Erie Ferry Service

John Davis

A Lake Erie ferry service will be greening up its fleet by running one of its passenger vessels on a blend of biodiesel.

Biodiesel Magazine reports that Miller Boat Line will be running its ferry, the William Market, on a 10 to 20 percent blend of a not-so-typical type of biodiesel:

The fuel, G2 Diesel, is made from reacting soybean oil and ethanol—not fossil-derived methanol as most biodiesel transesterification processes use.

G2 Diesel is produced by 11 Good Energy Inc., a Delaware corporation formed in May 2007. In November 2009, the company opened a 16.5 MMgy facility in Magnolia, Ohio.

Miller Boat Line describes itself as the most value-friendly way to travel to Put-in-Bay and the only way to bring vehicles to the island. Scott Market, vice president of Miller Boat Line, said the company has become the only environmentally-friendly option for tourists.

“As a family-owned business, we think about our kids with everything we do and we thought it was time to do something to protect the environment for future generations,” Market said. “This allows us to shrink our carbon footprint.”

The company says it hopes one day to use the G2 Diesel in all four of its vessels.