House Ag Chair Expects 15 Percent Ethanol by August

Cindy Zimmerman

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN) expects the Environmental Protection Agency to approve 15 percent ethanol blends for regular gasoline by August.

According to a story from Hoosier Ag Today, Peterson said in an interview that it is taking a longer time to get approval than he thinks is necessary. “Now, we’re thinking we might get a decision in August. I think we’re going to get a positive decision, everything I can tell,” he said.

Peterson said he discussed the issue with one of the major car companies last week. “They don’t see too many problems with E-15. They do have more problems when you start getting to E-20 and E-25,” he said.

The chairman does expect some pump labeling requirements if EPA approves E-15, including warnings for older vehicles and small engines, but says a favorable decision will be “very significant” for the future of biofuels.

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