Ethanol Ads Debut in California

A battleground for corn ethanol was one of ten locations where Growth Energy held viewing parties Monday to debut a new national television campaign.

The Growth Energy “ad watch party” event was held in California’s state capitol of Sacramento to unveil the six new commercials that will be airing over the next six months as part of a $2.5 million national advertising effort being called the “America’s Fuel” campaign. Among those who attended the event were representatives of the California Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (CEVC), the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA), Propel Fuels and Genencor, a Palo Alto, CA based innovator of enzymes used in ethanol production.

“California leads the nation in the consumption of ethanol through its sheer volume of gasoline use, and yet it continues to get a bad name because of false information put out there by Big Oil and other special interests. These ads are finally educating the public and telling them the facts about ethanol – it’s clean, it’s renewable and it’s creating jobs,” said Joe Irvin, Executive Director of the CEVC.

However, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard developed by the California Air Resources Board could ultimately prohibit the use of corn ethanol in the state. The ethanol industry has filed suit against the state charging that the measure violates both the Supremacy Clause and the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Watch one of the six ads in the “America’s Fuel” campaign here:

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  1. Ethanol energy I can support. It is a model industry for US future and California’s future. AB 32, Global warming Solutions Act is under attack. Valero Oil Company is trying to stall AB 32 for years to come and Companies like Growth Energy will not shine in the spot light of success.

    Support California by stopping Valero

    Go to:

  2. ARB’s policy towards higher blends of ethanol are clear — ARB has consistently created anti-ethanol policies with guidance from Big Oil.

    California continues to issue public statements that support clean air by reducing tailpipe emissions. The real truth is behind the scenes Big Oil lobbyists, ARB, and state legislators create road blocks to any solution that reduces the use of petroleum.

    It is high time that California legislators stop the hypocrisy and do the right thing for the people and not for Big Oil. There are over two million flex fuel vehicles in California (largest flex fuel vehicle population in the U.S.), yet there are less than 40 publicly available fuel stations. ARB has created policies that make it very difficult for E85 stations to be built in California. Propel fuels is the only company putting up E85 pumps, and they fought ARB for years to be able to put up a few stations.

    When California decides that it really wants to lower green house gas emissions, than California will have to take-on Big Oil. From ARB’s past performance, I don’t see that happening soon…

  3. Despite ARB’s (the more recent regime put in place under Schwarzenegger) negative influence toward biofuels, Pearson Fuels, Propel Fuels, DMC Green, Interstate Oil, Flyers, and Green Wave have stepped forward with courage. I believe it is paying off as a number of times there have been lines of 2 to 3 vehicles to fill up.

    WHEN the ARB leadership (and some of the others within) change, it can change back to how it was a few years ago (ARB provided millions in funding to CEC to put in the biofuels pumps, under the prior leadership). In the meantime, a big thank you to these companies that persevere despite ARB.

  4. As a farmer in the midwest, it is very disappointing to see that the state of California would rather support the slave labor practices of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil than support the american farmer and the midwest that produce the same clean burning, low carbon fuel as in Brazil. The only thing we can do here in the midwest then I quess is to stop buying anything that is made in California. The state of California can’t even balance their own checkbook, the most in debtness state ever, yet they want to penalize the people of their state by forcing them to purchase higher priced ethanol from Brazil and have the goods the state produces shunned from the midwestern markets. Real smart CARB, way to go.