Colorado’s First Blender Pump Opening a Success

Colorado’s first ethanol blender pump dispensed 512 gallons of fuel April 8 during its inaugural day of operation at the Stratton Equity Coop in Burlington.

During a grand opening event for the pump, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture John Stulp said the annual U.S. consumption of nearly 10 billion gallons of ethanol has reduced crude oil needs by seven percent. He said home-grown ethanol has a positive impact on America’s economy while reducing the need for U.S. troops to defend the nation’s oil import supplies.

Dan Slinger, general manager of Stratton Equity Co-op, is excited to have the first blender pump in Burlington. Many of the co-op’s members grow corn. “We’re marketing about three million bushels of our members’ corn that’s going into ethanol production,” said Slinger.

Steve Scott of the Colorado Corn Growers Association said ethanol has energized the corn business by raising prices above the cost of production while also adding 250,000 jobs nationwide. The construction and operation of ethanol production plants has brought new economic activity to many rural communities.

The Burlington pump is under a pilot program that should lead to more blender pumps statewide. Colorado Corn is working with state officials and others to find locations for nine additional blender pumps.

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