Siemens to Provide Cape Wind Turbines

John Davis

Siemens will be the supplier of 130, 3.6-Megawatt (MW) turbines for Cape Wind, America’s first planned offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts … if the project is ever built.

This Cape Wind press release says Siemens will also open a U.S. Offshore Wind office in Boston:

“We are pleased to be working with Siemens which is a market leader in offshore wind and we are thrilled Siemens is bringing clean energy jobs to Massachusetts by opening up its U.S. Offshore Wind office in Boston. This agreement between Cape Wind and Siemens represents a major step forward to jumpstarting the American offshore wind industry and increasing energy independence, creating a healthier environment while producing hundreds of green energy jobs,” said Jim Gordon, Cape Wind President.

The Siemens 3.6-MW offshore wind turbines are an industry ‘workhorse’ with 1,000 units sold and 150 units installed and successfully operating.

“While the onshore wind industry is well developed in the U.S., the United States offshore wind resources still offer a vast, untapped source of renewable energy potential. The final approval of the Cape Wind offshore wind farm will be key to the success of the offshore wind industry in the U.S.,” Randy Zwirn, President and CEO of Siemens Energy, Inc. stated.

As anyone who has been following this story knows that it’s not a done deal. About a week ago, the the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation held a hearing that could be the end of a nearly 10-year-old fight over the plan to build the wind turbines in Nantucket Sound. If the Department of Interior approves of the project, it could open up green energy and green jobs for the area … unless, of course, the Kennedys and other millionaires find a way to shut it down. Stay tuned.