Kinder Morgan Inks NJ Biodiesel Terminal Deal

John Davis

Kinder Morgan, one of the nation’s pioneers in biofuels by pipeline development, has signed a 30-year deal with Carteret, New Jersey to turn 14 acres of brownfields into a biodiesel storage and processing facility.

This article from says the project will have connections to some regional pipelines:

Adjacent to Kinder Morgan’s existing facilities, the project will make use of property formerly used for truck maintenance, calling for additional blending and storage units, and allowing for 1,035,000 million gallons of biodiesel storage and processing. Ultimately the project will provide new connections to SUN, Colonial, and Buckeye regional pipelines.

Kinder Morgan’s proposal was first presented to the borough in 2008, and received initial Planning Board approval on Jan. 27.

The agreement will offer many benefits to both the town and Kinder Morgan, according to [Carteret Mayor Dan] Reiman…

“The numbers are certainly impressive but the foremost benefit will be to our homeowners and workforce,” Reiman stated. “We’ve put a strong emphasis on unionized labor in this agreement as with all of our capital improvement projects, and are pleased to announce that 100% of the non-specialized construction labor involved with this project will come from New Jersey unions. This is in addition to the 250 private-sector jobs that will be created upon the facility’s completion.”

Got to love that. Clean up a brownfield, provide green energy AND jobs to an economy that really needs a boost right now. That’s what you call a REAL stimulus package.