Hawaiian Biofuels Firm Building Tennessee Plant

Cindy Zimmerman

A Hawaiian biofuels firm recently announced an agreement to build a commercial scale biorefinery facility in Tennessee for the production of renewable jet or diesel fuel out of wood.

Under the agreement between ClearFuels Technology of Aiea, Hawaii and Hughes Hardwood International of Collinwood, Tennessee, 1000 tons of wood product per day will be converted into approximately 16 million gallons of synthetic jet or diesel fuel and 4 million gallons of naphtha per year, as well as approximately 8 megawatts of excess renewable power. The project is currently expected to be operational by early 2014.

ClearFuels has begun project development of multiple commercial scale biomass-energy facilities in the southeastern United States, Hawaii and internationally to be located at sugar mills, wood mills and other biomass processing facilities.