Iowa Biodiesel Mandate Still Alive

John Davis

As if to borrow a line from Monty Python, the Iowa biodiesel mandate is “not dead yet!”

The 5 percent biodiesel blend for every gallon of diesel sold in the state, although declared dead by many in the media (including yours truly), seems to be marching on. The Omaha World-Herald reports that the B5 legislation cleared the state Senate last year and still has a shot at clearing the House this year:

The fight seems destined to continue, according to Craig Cronbaugh, director of information for the Iowa Legislative Services Bureau, even though a lot of other proposals will be set aside Friday by the legislative “funnel.” Any bill not out of committee by Friday will no longer be considered, Cronbaugh said.

“But the B-5 bill is strangely alive,” he said, because it is still active in the House Ways and Means Committee.

“Ways and Means is exempt from the funnel,” Cronbaugh said. “So if it passes that committee, it could still make the full House floor” for a vote before the Legislature adjourns.

As you might remember from my post earlier this week, I had pointed out that while the bill died in the House Environmental Protection Committee, it still has a shot in the House Ways and Means Committee.

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