World’s Largest Soybean Plant to Use Verenium Process

John Davis

The world’s largest soybean processing plant will be using a a process from Verenium that will increase soybean oil production.

This company press release says Verenium’s Purifine(R) PLC enzymatic degumming process will be used at the Molinos Rio de la Plata’s San Lorenzo plant in Argentina … Argentina’s leading soybean and sunflower seed processor:

“Molinos’ ability to adopt new innovative technologies is what makes them a global leader in the edible oil market,” said Janet Roemer, Verenium’s Executive Vice President, Specialty Enzymes Business. “Verenium is pleased to be able to work with Molinos to further enhance their operating efficiency through the use of Purifine PLC, which allows for the simultaneous increasing of oil yields and improving the efficacy of meal production without requiring major changes to the existing plant layout.”

“Through Purifine PLC’s innovative enzymatic degumming process, we have seen a significant increase in oil yields and processing margins enabling our facility to more fully reach its potential,” said Luis Palacios, Molinos’ Industrial Manager. “The ability to squeeze extra yield from the same plant without increased chemical usage is critical to our philosophy of minimizing the overall environmental impact of our processes.”

The Molinos San Lorenzo facility is known for its state of the art technologies that maximize oil and meal yields from soybeans.