Propel Fuels’ E85 for 85 Cents Event Draws Attention

Joanna Schroeder

Ethanol champion David Stoltz's converted E85 truck

Earlier this week, my colleague posted a story about Propel Fuels’ E85 promotion that took place on February 24 and several of its stations in Sacramento. It was a big success, drawing quite a bit of attention from both consumers and the media alike. Biofuels enthusiast, Paul Wikoff participated in the event and sent DomestcFuel some photos including one of local Sacramento resident Dave Stoltz’s and his 1984 Toyota truck that he converted to run E85 (larger jets in the carburetor). Stoltz also restored Darryl Hannah’s “Kill Bill” Trans Am and converted it to run on E85. Darryl Hannah is also a huge supporter and spokesperson for biodiesel.

Propel Fuels CEO Matt Horton Kicks Off E85 Promo

On hand for the event were Propel Fuels’ CEO Matt Horton, representatives from Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the US Postal Service. Wikoff noted that thousands of gallons of both ethanol and biodiesel were sold offsetting imported petroleum and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, which is a goal of the Low Carbon Fuels Standard that took effect in January of this year.

Propel Fuels was happy with the event and plans on monitoring its E85 and biodiesel sales over the next few weeks to determine if they gain more ethanol and biodiesel customers. The company is also planning on opening 50 more stations in San Francisco and Southern California this year and anticipates that it will support these new stations with additional E85 promotions. BTW – I just wanted to send Paul a special thanks for sending us the story and pictures!

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