Petroleum Company Buying Indiana Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

Indiana-based e-biofuels, LLC is being sold to Imperial Petroleum, Inc.

This press release posted on says Imperial will keep on e-biofuels principal management and make the 15-million-gallon-a-year biodiesel maker a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imperial:

“We’re very excited about e-biofuels and its management joining our Company,” said Jeffrey T. Wilson, President of Imperial. “Through our research and development efforts over the last four years in the biofuels arena, we have developed some ground-breaking patented and proprietary process technology for the manufacture of biodiesel from waste oils high in free fatty acids and for the manufacture of bio-based jet fuels. We believe our processes will significantly improve the economics of the e-biofuels plant. In addition, we have developed processes to produce renewable fuels that reduce harmful emissions when burned in boilers and stationary power generation equipment and we plan to enhance the e-biofuels operations with the addition of these products at that plant.

Imperial is also planning on $15 million in enhancements and expansions to the plant.