E85 Now Available in Denton, TX

Today, in an effort to increase fueling location options for flex fuel vehicle owners, the Martin-Eagle Oil Company announced the installation of a new E85 refueling site located at their headquarters facility at 2700 James Street in Denton, TX. The new site will supply E85 to both retail customers and to wholesale accounts.

Motorists operating flexible fuel vehicles can fuel up at the 2700 James Street location and take advantage of the cost savings of approximately 25 cents per gallon and use a domestically produced renewable fuel.

“We have made a significant investment to establish this new retail site adjacent to our office and look forward to offering E85 to other retail vendors through our wholesale operations,” said Stephen Martin, President of Martin-Eagle Oil Company. “E85 can only be used in flexible fuel vehicles that have been designed to operate on high level blends of ethanol, and we calculate there are more than 102,000 FFVS operating in the metroplex. With only 6 current E85 fueling stations throughout the area, we anticipate significant demand for the product once motorists become aware of its availability.”

The new fully automated E85 fueling site is open 24 hours and accepts all major credit cards.

According to Martin, “While there is still a great deal of oil produced in Texas, the fact is that we import more than 70% of our transportation fuels. We believe that the use of E85 in flexible fuel vehicles can be part of the solution to both cleaner air and local job creation.”

Mindy Mize, Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Co-Coordinator added, “We are very pleased that Martin-Eagle Oil has chosen to open a new E85 refueling facility in the Metroplex. With so many flexible fuel vehicles in the region this new site will add to the fueling location options available to motorists.”

Martin-Eagle Oil will also be offering E85 to wholesale customers.

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