3TIER REmaps the World

Joanna Schroeder

The REmapping World Initiative that was launched in March of 2008 is finially complete, this according to 3TIER. The goal of the program was to address the biggest barrier to global renewable energy adoption, which is the lack of reliable information regarding resource potential. Today, the company released the global solar map and dataset and has already released a 5 km resolution global wind map and dataset, based upon proven techniques and the application of advanced numerical weather prediction models, which accurately and consistently diagram wind spatial and temporal variability.

“3TIER’s aim in developing these maps is to help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy around the world by providing a blueprint for development,” said Kenneth Westrick, founder and CEO of 3TIER, the global leader in renewable energy information services. “The creation of these maps is part of a larger effort to build a renewable energy information services platform which will provide customers with on-demand access to 3TIER’s massive datasets for wind and solar resources. Access to this critical data will enable global decision-makers and organizations to look at wind and solar potential on a regional scale and help maximize the value of renewable resources while mitigating the risks of their inherent variability.”

According the the company, the global solar map and dataset is based on 10 to 13 years of half-hourly, high-resolution visible satellite imagery collected from nine different satellites, dispersed across the globe and covering the entire surface of the earth. Satellite imagery was processed using a uniform methodology based upon a combination of in-house and peer-reviewed research documents supported by the global atmospheric science community.

Westrick concluded, “This dataset provides the in-depth solar irradiance information essential to developers, financiers, and governments for targeting the best regions in the world for development. Our solar resource technology provides the critical data to make renewable power a viable alternative and will be increasingly important in areas where solar data only exists at coarse resolution and inferior quality or is simply unavailable.”

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