170 MPG Concept Car Revealed

Joanna Schroeder

Wisconsin-based Valentin Technologies has revealed its 170 miles per gallon (mpg) concept car called the IngoCar. Currently under development, initial sketches indicate the car will be a mid-sized four door sportswagen passenger car. Styling for the car was provided by Davide Tonizzo, of designD.

Company founder, Ingo Valentin, said in a press release, “Finally outstanding performance and extremely high mileage are combined in a mid-size passenger car. We are proud to unveil our vision of an automobile that has the style, interior space, comfort and cost of a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class combined with unprecedented range and fuel economy.”

Based on a mix of city and rural driving, the car’s estimated mileage is 170 mpg but this feat is not achieved with a battery. Rather, the car uses a revolutionary hydraulic-fluid drive making the car a hybrid gasoline/hydraulic drive system. According to the company, here is how it works. Using a small engine, fluid is pumped into an accumulator. The fluid then drives hydraulic wheel motors for shiftless acceleration. During braking, motors are reversed and pump the entire recuperated braking energy back into the accumulator. This innovative technology and the car’s light weight give an estimated range of 1,000 miles for a full 6 gallon tank of fuel.

IngoCar has some speed too. It can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds. The company has not indicated when the IngoCar will be available and the price.  Click here to see images of the car and to learn more.

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